By David Bird

Thank you for coming to the Google Analytics seminar at Ottawa WordCamp.  On this page you will find the resources to review the presentation and set up your goals in Google Analytics.

Presentation Download

Here’s the link to download a PDF of the presentation  WordCamp 2017

Setting up your Goals in Google Analytics

These resources will help you get your goals set up:

Step by step demonstration video

Step by step written instructions (PDF)

Download this PDF for written instructions that includes screen shots.  How to Setup Goals in Google Analytics

Call for help

If you are having trouble with your goals please feel welcome to email me at david@birdseyemarketing.com

Other Resources you might find useful

The Bird’s Eye Marketing YouTube Channel has several more videos on topics such as linking setting up Site Search (useful for finding new SEO Keywords), Linking your Google Analytics accounts, and Google AdWords videos.