Google Ads for Healthcare Providers

google Ads for healthcare

New patients are looking for you on Google

Google Ads for healthcare can put your practice at or near the top of Google’s listings. We’ve been getting medical practices found on Google Ads since 2016, while abiding by the many healthcare advertising rules.

Take advantage of our extensive Google Ads for healthcare advertising experience plus all the General Medical Advertising Rules!

Why Choose Bird’s Eye Google Ads For Healthcare Management


I’ve been managing Google Ads for healthcare accounts since 2016.


Birds Eye Marketing is owner-operated. The person you are talking to does all your work.


You never have to worry about me using my knowledge of your business to benefit a nearby competitor. I work with only one of each type of business per city. Learn more.


I exclusively work with Google Ads, which means I’m not distracted by other platforms and their changes.

Extra Rules for Healthcare Providers

As a healthcare provider, your advertising can be constrained by both Google’s rules and your licensing or governing body’s rules:


Google's Medical Advertising Rules

One of the biggest hazards of being a Google Ads healthcare advertiser on Google is the dreaded ‘Medical Restricted’ flag. Google is quick to slap this on medical ads, and it means your ads show less frequently, and you get fewer leads.

Bird’s Eye Marketing’s owner, David Bird, has encountered Google’s healthcare rules many times and has been able to help mitigate their impacts on lead generation.

General Medical Advertising Rules

In addition to Google’s medical advertising rules, we are sensitive to your professional advertising restrictions, so we choose our words carefully for you.

Get the benefit of advertising healthcare experience working for you and book a consultation so we can evaluate your situation together.

Some of the Healthcare Providers I’ve Helped:

The reports say your Google ads are performing, but the real measure is HOW MANY new patients walk through that front door.

Family Dentist in Wheatridge, Colorado

“David is very attentive and invests a lot of time in your website and marketing.”

– Dr. Chris Adkins | Adkins Family Dentisty

Adkins Family Dentisty

Get more “bums” in the chair

When Dr. Adkins signed his contract in March 2020, he said he didn’t care about the reports, he measured the success of paid ads by how many “new bums were in the chair”.

As part of our process, lead tracking is very important as the data guides decision making and actions. In the first month, some adjustments were made to the Google Ads account to bring in 30 + leads and 7 new patients. Over the next few months, the cost per lead was reduced to under $100 with many more patients coming into the office.

Once the cost per lead was under $60 and new patients joining at a steady rate, I turned my attention to optimizing Google Business pages which generated an additional 30 leads. We were able to reduce Google Ad spend by $1000 without losing leads, because Google Business had become a strong source of traffic.

It’s been four years since I started working with Dr. Adkins, and he is still a customer because he is steadily receiving new patients through Google Ads and his Google Business profile.

Dr. Adkins can look out at his next month of appointments to see regular cleanings and repeat business filling up his schedule.

“David is very attentive and invests a lot of time in your website and marketing.”

– Dr. Chris Adkins | Adkins Family Dentisty

Children’s Dentist in Thornton, Colorado

Junior Smiles Children’s Dentisty

Get ads approved

Junior Smiles Children’s Dentistry was struggling to have their ads show on Google as the ads kept being disapproved ‘for policy violation’. A deep understanding of how Google applies to healthcare advertising rules created an opportunity to make some positive website changes.

First, we made some simple website changes. And then, I went to work on Google’s authorization process, so medical ads could show without limitations. By making simple changes to the terminology used on the website we were able to increase the number of patients finding the office and becoming new patients.

That was in 2018. Today the office has grown and Junior Smiles has steady bookings throughout their cycles!

Children’s Dentist in Thornton, Colorado

David Bird and his Company Bird’s Eye Marketing has helped my pediatric dental office immensely. David has the knowledge to increase my patient numbers in short term and long term strategies. After one month of his services, we saw a large percentage increase in patients coming from google. He also provides monthly reports and a monthly phone review. I’ve already recommended him to my colleagues because I’ve appreciated his services so much!

– Dr. Dylan Bordonaro | Junior Smiles Children’s Dentisty

Facial Plastic Surgeon in Ottawa, Ontario

Aesthete MD

Get new patients on a budget

Dr. Javidnia, an Ottawa plastic surgeon, was just getting her business started and needed patients fast. As a startup, the advertising budget was very low.

To get started, I set up lead tracking so data could guide marketing decisions instead of wasting money guessing what would work. The first thing that became obvious was only Google Ads were generating leads. The other paid traffic sources were not performing and so those budgets were allocated to Google Ads.

A strong Google Ads account was set up and ruthless optimization brought several new patients in the first
couple of months.

Today, Dr. Javidnia’s office is getting close to 200 leads per month, most from Google Ads, but I’m working with her team to get many leads from the Google Business Profile and SEO. Soon we’ll be able to reduce the Google Ads spend.

Disclaimer: These are client case studies sharing the results from data gathered during our Google Ad management services. Results will vary based on different markets, quality of website, ad spend, level of competition and more. The case studies above represent specific medical industry specialists but I can acheive similar results for all types of medical professionals.

What’s included in monthly Google Ad Management:

Flat Fee Google Ad Account Management

With a simple flat fee structure, you have a predictable ad budget each month. We require a 4 month minimum, but do not require clients to be locked into a year long contract.

Providing full service Google Ad management:

  • Keyword research
  • Ad creation, monitoring & revisions
  • Landing page & website assistance
  • Monthly reporting and consultation
  • Conversion lead tracking
  • Google Business profile management

Lead Conversion Tracking & Reporting

You want to know if your advertising gets the results you need. I will set up conversion tracking to show you advertising results in terms of lead generation and sale transactions.

I track and report the important clicks:

  • Website form completions
  • Sales leads
  • Email signups
  • Revenue/sales transactions
  • Other important metrics

Google Business Profile Optimization

Right below Google Ads in search results, you will find local Google Business Places.

Once you start getting consistent business from your Google Ad campaigns, I work on optimizing your Google Business page so you can have another source of quality leads (without spending money for clicks).

I utilize the data from your Google Ads results to give me the information I need to get your Google Business ranked higher in the results in a quicker turnaround time.


Grow Your Practice Today

An experienced Google Ads Manager will bring you fast results at a lower cost, which will save you time, money, and frustration from doing it yourself.

You no longer have to “hope” new patients will find your business. With targeted, professionally crafted Google Ads, you will get right in front of your ideal client every month when they search for your expertise near them.