Google Ads for Non for Profits

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People are searching for your NPO’s message

Google Ads for Not for Profits makes it easier for people to find you—and learn more, donate, and help you—by elevating your message to the top of search pages.

Bird’s Eye Marketing has extensive experience working with Google Ads Not for Profits and the Google Grants program. We manage your account within Google’s rules and help achieve your objectives.

Have your Google Ads Grants account professionally managed by an experienced pro.

Why Choose Bird’s Eye Google Ads For Your Google Ads Management


I’ve been managing Google Ads Grants accounts since 2017.


Birds Eye Marketing is owner-operated. The person you are talking to does all your work.


You never have to worry about me using my knowledge of your business to benefit a nearby competitor. I work with only one of each type of business per city. Learn more.


I exclusively work with Google Ads, which means I’m not distracted by other platforms and their changes.

Joining and Retaining the Google Ads Grants Program

How To Get Your Google Ads Grants Account

To join the Google Ads Grants program, you need to ensure you meet Google eligibility requirements, and then apply to join the program.

After your organization is accepted into the program, you need to set up your Google Ads Not For Profits (Google Grants) account. Most importantly, set your currency to $USD (even if you are in another country). If you set another currency, you will need to make a new account!

Remaining in the Google Grants Ads Program

To remain part of the Google Grants Ads Program you must maintain some account standards. This sounds harsh, but its just Google Ads management:

  • A minimum two ads per ad group
  • Use automated bidding
  • Properly use conversion tracking
  • Minimum CRT
  • Maintain a Quality Score of 2 or greater
  • At least two site links

Some of these requirements are advanced, but with a little training and effort, you can learn them.

Google Ads Grants for NPOs

Google Ads for not for profits is done through Google Grants

Did you know that as a Not for Profit Organization, you can receive free advertising on Google? Its called Google Ads Grants and it provides you $10,000 in-kind Google Search advertising.

You can use the free ads to:




Sell products/courses/services


Recruit volunteers


Promote your message


Much more

Yes, it’s a generous program that helps many NPOs excel!

A well managed account can show your ads at the top of the search listings and generate a ton of website activity.

Some of the Not For Profit Organizations I’ve Helped:

What’s included in monthly Google Ad Management:

Flat Fee Google Ad Account Management

With a simple flat fee structure, you have a predictable ad budget each month. We require a 4 month minimum, but do not require clients to be locked into a year long contract.

Providing full service Google Ad management:

  • Keyword research
  • Ad creation, monitoring & revisions
  • Landing page & website assistance
  • Monthly reporting and consultation
  • Conversion lead tracking
  • Google Business profile management

Lead Conversion Tracking & Reporting

You want to know if your advertising gets the results you need. I will set up conversion tracking to show you advertising results in terms of lead generation and sale transactions.

I track and report the important clicks:

  • Website form completions
  • Sales leads
  • Email signups
  • Revenue/sales transactions
  • Other important metrics

Google Business Profile Optimization

Right below Google Ads in search results, you will find local Google Business Places.

Once you start getting consistent business from your Google Ad campaigns, I work on optimizing your Google Business page so you can have another source of quality leads (without spending money for clicks).

I utilize the data from your Google Ads results to give me the information I need to get your Google Business ranked higher in the results in a quicker turnaround time.


Grow The Reach of Your Not For Profit Today

An experienced Google Ads Manager will bring you fast results at a lower cost, which will save you time, money, and frustration from doing it yourself.

You no longer have to “hope” contributors will find your not for profit. With targeted, professionally crafted Google Ads, you will get right in front of your ideal audience every month when they search for your services near them.