SEO Dashboard Shows Contractor Is MIA

SEO Dashboard Shows Contractor Is MIA

By David Bird
For one of my customers the SEO dashboard showed a history of strong performance that generated several leads per month.  However, steady declines in total website traffic and sales leads triggered an investigation that revealed SEO was experiencing the heaviest losses.

Key data indicators from SEO dashboard:

  • Declining number of sessions over time (trend) led us to investigate which sources were experiencing the declines
  • Declining sales leads by channel
  • SEO was usually the number one source of leads and traffic, but it was slipping quickly

After we discovered the declines, the customer attempted to reach the SEO Company multiple times by phone and email, without success. It turned out the agency owner had closed the doors to his SEO Company, but continued invoicing his customers. My customer was the first to catch onto the scam.  After some negotiation, they received a full refund.

Lesson:  Make sure suppliers stay in touch

Do your marketing suppliers stay in touch with you regularly? Are they updating you on activities and initiatives? You should be hearing from them once or twice a month. And no, receiving an invoice from them does NOT count as contact.

(This post is part of the Dashboard Discoveries Series where customers learn from the Bird’s Eye Marketing’s AdWords and Website reporting dashboard)