How to Show your Google Profile More Often

How to Show your Google Profile More Often

To show your Google Profile more often means giving your account some TLC
By David Bird

To show your Google Business Profile more often you need to give it some TLC. Here’s how

You’ve set up your Google Business Profile. So that’s it, right?

Sure, if you want your profile to show up infrequently. But if you want to show your Google Profile more often, you will need to update it frequently. Fortunately, it’s easy and quick.

Every week to ten days, you should be doing one at least of these items with your profile:

  • Answering reviews
  • Ensuring holiday hours are correct / up to date
  • Posting a picture
  • Writing a short post
  • Posting a (very short) video
  • Posting an event

These are all activities that keep your profile current, and that is what makes your Google profile to show more often. Google and users reward information that is current.

Google Business Profile on mobile maps app lets you do just about anything to your profile.

There is no need for you to near a computer to do any of the above activities. Download Google Maps to your mobile device and manage it from there.

Download the Google Maps application to your phone

Google Business Profile is Managed in Google Maps

Your business profile is managed from the Google Maps application. On a desktop, it’s best to use a Chrome browser and log in using the email address you use for your profile.

You don’t have to be chained to your desktop or laptop computer to maintain your profile. If you download the Google Maps App for Android or Google Maps or IOS, you can do everything from your phone, including respond to reviews, post pictures, update hours, etc.

How to optimize your Google Business Profile

An optimized Google Business Profile is more likely to be shown that one that has minimal information. Below are the actions you can take that really help get your Google Profile shown more often. They are listed with the most impactful actions first:

Reviews help show your Google profile more often

Reviews are real customers talking about their experiences with your business, and your potential customers are reading them—and your responses. Reviews are among the biggest influences for to get show your Google profile more often. The more reviews you have, the better. You should be encouraging customers to leave reviews on your profile. Here are review actions you should be taking regularly:

Encourage reviews from customers: Ask for reviews. Most customers just don’t think of it. Here are some ways you can encourage more customer reviews.

Respond to all Reviews: Responding to reviews shows potential customers and Google that you are paying attention, and your business is real. Check this post, How to respond to customer reviews on Google for ideas on how to respond to all types of reviews—The good, the bad, and the ‘man colds.’

Whenever you get a review, Google notifies you by email and on your phone.

Holiday Hours

Here’s an easy one. Mark all the statutory holidays on your profile: Are you open, closed, or do you have different operating hours on these days? It seems small, but it makes a big difference when you properly set everyone’s expectations.

Open your Google Maps and find the ‘Edit Profile’ icon. Once open, click hours and below your regular hours will be holiday hours. For more detailed instructions, see ‘How to Post Holiday Hours’.

Post a picture

This is a really fast way to help show your Google Profile more often. Snap a picture with your phone and post it directly to your account. Take lots of pictures: Your office, your sign, employees, shipments, you name it—use your imagination. Post the pictures straight from your phone.

Post a (really) short video

Short videos (one minute or less) can make great posts that help show your Google profile more often. Again, use your phone’s video feature and post directly to your Business Profile with the Maps Application.

Events, special offers, advice and more

If you are holding / hosting an event, your business profile is a great promotion tool. Have a special offer? Show it here. Have some advice for customers? Post it here.

In the Google Maps application, find the ‘Add Update’ icon and add your event, offer, or update.

Google Business Profile is Social Media

If you post to your Facebook business page, Twitter, Tik Tok, Instagram, or other social media, you should post it on your Google Business Profile as well. Posting really helps increase the amount your Google Profile is shown more often.  Remember, when people see your profile, it’s because they are looking for what you offer, and they are in the mood to learn about your products or services. Make sure they can find you easily by keeping your Google Business Profile updated.

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