How to Ask For Google Reviews – A Dentist’s Tale

How to Ask For Google Reviews – A Dentist’s Tale

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By David Bird

For many of us, having to ask for Google Reviews pushes us outside of our comfort zone. But it doesn’t have to feel this way. Here’s a customer story that I thought might inspire you.

New Google Reviews every week

Shortly after I began working with Dr. Moezzi, who owns Lakeside Dentistry in Denver, Colorado, it became obvious this dental office had a lot of happy patients. They were getting two to three reviews a week, and all five stars!

No fancy software to ask for Google reviews

This sort of performance is exceptional, and frankly somewhat out of the ordinary for most standard small businesses so I asked Dr. Moezzi what software he was using.

To my surprise, he was not using any software or automated process whatsoever to ask for Google reviews. Instead, Dr. Moezzi picks the right moment and just comes right out and asks.

Take it from Dr. Moezzi directly

Here is Dr. Moezzi’s email to me how he asks for Google Reviews.

“It has taken me several years to get to a point where I feel I can consistently ask for Google reviews from my patients.

I have tried using software that sends a link and asks for a review.  We never had good luck and certainly not with any regularity.

There’s nothing fancy to my method. I give my post-anesthesia instructions to the person accompanying the patient – often the parent – who is waiting while the patient is asleep knowing they have 30-60 minutes to sit there while their loved one wakes up.Just ask for Google Reviews for results like this

Before I leave, I give them my best pitch and politely ask if they’d be willing to share their experience in a Google review.

Whatever might be their sense of me, they usually pull out their smartphone, zap the QR code linking to our Google profile page and leave a review right then and there.

Today, Lakeside Dentistry has 366 reviews and a 4.9-star rating.

A three-step process to ask customers for Google Reviews

There are three things that contribute to Dr. Moezzi’ success asking for Google Reviews, and you can try it too:

  1. Step out of your comfort zone
  2. Look for the ‘pause’ in your customer interactions
  3. Make it easy for customers to leave a review

Step out of your comfort zone

Dr. Moezzi’s approach has been refined over time. Initially, he found it difficult to push himself to ask for Google reviews. He chose ‘easy targets’, customers he knew liked the service. His confidence grew as they gave reviews. There were a few ‘rejections’ but what’s important is that he stuck with it and eventually became comfortable enough that it became part of his routine.

Like Dr. Moezzi, you too can develop your own approach and ask for Google reviews.

Look for a ‘pause’ in your customer interactions.

The ‘pause’ is when you have explained everything your customer needs to know, and that your conversation is over. The transaction is coming to an end and you’re sensing that the customer is happy with their interaction.

For Dr. Moezzi ‘the pause’ is after he has explained his post op instructions to the patient’s parents, he knows that’s a good time to ask for Google reviews.

Think about how your customer interactions unfold. Where is the ‘pause’ for you to as for a Google Review?

Make it easy

Dr. Moezzi uses a QR code so patients can ‘zap’ their way to his Google Profile review page. You may not have a QR code, but you could ask the customer to just ‘Google your business name’ and click the ‘Write a review’ button.

You could also email a review link to your customer.

No ask, no review

Look at your sales process and ask yourself if there are any natural pause points in your customer interactions where you could ask for a Google review. A time at which a given process is about to end and that the customer will be forced to hold still.

Find those spots and then make your ask. Like Dr. Moezzi, it may take a while to perfect, but keep at it and you will start feeling more comfortable to ask for Google reviews when interacting with repeat and new customers alike.

Now, it’s your turn! Give yourself a chance by trying this first on the next friendly customer to cross your path and that you sense likes your business.

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