Case Study: Bing PPC Advertising

Case Study: Bing PPC Advertising

By David Bird

Have you noticed some Google AdWords keyword prices are getting out of reach? Some customers’ keyword clicks are in the $20 – $50 range which has forced them into less expensive (competitive) and less popular keywords.

Alternative Google Advertising Platforms

To Google’s credit they offer less expensive alternatives such as their display network, and YouTube advertising.  In addition, both of these strong platforms offer sophisticated targeting to match your target buyer with their available advertising inventory.

Capture Buyer’s When They’re Looking

In my opinion the ideal time to match buyers and sellers is when the buyer is in their “moment of search” – Inputting the problem into Google looking for a solution.  For the record, Google is my search platform of choice simply because it reaches the widest audience.  However, when keywords are priced out of reach on Google Search, I wanted to investigate Bing Ads to see if prices are lower while still getting conversion efficiency.

Testing Bing Ads on My Own Business before Customer’s

Before selling Bing to customers, I figured it’s best to test it on my own business, Bird’s Eye Marketing.  Better learn on my account than theirs.

Talk to Someone First:  Helpful Bing Telephone Support

Before setting up my account I wanted to learn more by speaking to a representative.  I believe these pre sales conversations foreshadow things to come.

The representative was very helpful answering my questions.  They realized I was an “AdWords guy” and so the Bing Rep used AdWords terminology to help describe Bing’s advertising platform to me.  This made it particularly easy for me to grasp similarities (Ad Grouping, targeting) and difference (ad format and agency accounts).

Bing Account Set-up: It’s a Breeze

Honestly it was a breeze; the interface is intuitive and easy to understand.

Tool to Transfer Your AdWords Campaigns

There’s even a tool to transfer your Google AdWords account campaigns into Bing – campaigns, ad groups, targeting information, keywords, etc.  Big time saver!

The only item that didn’t come across from Google AdWords was the new extended text ads.  But we should not expect those to come across because their format is so different from Bing’s.

In future posts I’ll talk about keyword pricing, conversion tracking, and other experiences I have with this platform.

Your AdWords versus Bing Ads Comparison Experience

If you have comments or experiences with Bing versus Google AdWords, please comment below.