Holidays in Google My Business

There are some long weekends coming this summer. That means a few Mondays when you will be either open or closed on the holiday Mondays.

Whether are open or closed, before you put your feet up for the long weekend check that your Google My Business Hours reflect your holiday Monday hours.

Google My Business Holiday Hours

You are probably showing Monday’s as ‘open’ in Google My Business. After all, you are open most Mondays, except not on long weekends. If you are closed or working on modified hours, it’s best to say so on your Google My Business so people don’t get frustrated or confused when doing a Google search.

When you identify ‘special hours’ for holidays in Google My Business – those hours will override your standard hours of operation on that date.

Mark Your Vacation Closings in Google My Business Too

Are you planning a vacation later this year? Will it cause your business to close while you are away? If that’s an affirmative ‘yes’, then it’s a really good idea to add any specialty hours right away to your Google My Business account to let your customers know. The best part? It’s such an easy step to do- you won’t blink twice before it’s done!

How to Add Holidays in Your Google My Business Account:

Adding these hours is very quick, and really quite simple:

    1. Log into your Google My Business Account
    2. On the left menu click ‘Info’
    3. On the info page, scroll down just below your standard business hours
    4. Click the pencil
    5. Enter hours for days when this business has an irregular schedule (As long as you are there, you might as well mark off other holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.)
    6. Save it!

2020 Canadian and US Holidays

Here’s a list of major holidays for 2020 and the start of 2021. You’ll likely have irregular hours to input to your Google My Business account:

Date Canada USA
Monday, May 18 Victoria Day
Monday, May 25 Memorial Day
Wednesday, July 1 Canada Day
Friday, July 3, 2020 Independence Day
Monday, August 3 Civic Holiday (AB, BC, SK, On, NB, NU)
Monday, September 7 Labour Day Labor Day
Monday, October 12 Thanksgiving Columbus Day
Wednesday, November 11 Remembrance Day Veteran’s Day
Thursday November, 26 Thanksgiving Day (Are you open Black Friday?)
Friday, December 25 Christmas Day Christmas Day
Saturday December 26 Boxing Day (open / closed?)
Days Hours open between Christmas and New Years?
Friday January 1, 2021 New Years Day New Years Day
Monday, January 18, 2021 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day


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