This is an excerpt from the blog post Using Google Analytics’ Site Search Tracking To Your Advantage

How Site Search Data Helps You


Your website’s site search data captures some powerful information that you can use to:


  • Discover new keywords
  • Identify where your users are having navigation challenges
  • Provide new ideas for blog posts or content

Let’s take a closer look at each of these:

Discover new keywords to use for content, SEO and Adwords

Remember, when people use your site’s search function, they use the search terms that are meaningful to them. And those terms will be very similar if not identical to the ones they use in their Google searches. So make sure you’re targeting those keywords and keyword strings in your content, ads and search engine optimization tactics.

Identify where your website users are having navigation problems

If people are often searching for the same information on your site, then that information is probably hard to find. If you have content on your site that ties to the commonly searched keywords, you may need to reorganize your site to make that content easier to browse.

Get good ideas for new blog posts or content

Google Analytics’ Site Search Data tells you what people are looking for on your website. Why not give them what they want? If their search terms are relevant to the products and/or services your provide — and they likely are — why not write a blog post, develop some content or create resources that target that topic area. You’ll be demonstrating your knowledge and expertise, catering to your potential customers’ needs, and boosting your search engine ranking.

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