Keyword SEO That Gets Your Business Found

Keyword SEO

Let’s get your website in front of people who are actively searching for your product or service. Being higher in the search engine rankings increases the likelihood people will find you in their moment of search.

Best Place to Hide a Dead Body

Page one is ultimately where you want to be, because very few people look beyond that page. In fact, there’s an industry joke that the best place to hide a dead body is on Page Two of a Google search—no one will ever look there

SEO, best place to hide a dead body is page 2 of Google

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There are about 10 spots on any given Google page, and getting one of those spots on Page One can be challenging, especially for small and medium sized businesses. For highly searched SEO keyword terms, the media sites and large companies with gobs of money to pour into their campaigns typically dominate the top search rankings.

Competing For Keywords: High Traffic = High Competition

For us little guys, competing for a spot on Page One means we need to work around the big companies and media sites. We need to be smarter about our strategies, especially keyword selection. Highly searched keywords may be too competitive for you to rank on. Bird’s Eye Marketing can help you find the next tier of keywords, test them, and be assured they will work.

SEO Keywords are Too Important to Guess

SEO Keywords are what connect us to what we’re looking for online. Search Engines garner results in large part by matching your keywords with web pages. That’s why keywords are king!

Good keyword selection is mandatory. SEO takes three to six months to start working; no one wants to wait six months to find out they have been using the wrong keywords.

Keyword Research—Without Guessing

Bird’s Eye Marketing’s preferred keyword research approach is to run Google advertising (AdWords campaigns). These campaigns put keywords and messages live into Google, and we monitor the impressions, clicks, and conversions.

Integrate Keywords Into Your SEO

After a few thousand impressions and clicks, we know which keywords are most likely to trigger the clicks and conversions. We take the most successful keywords and insert them into your SEO strategy. These words have already been tested, so we know they work. This gives you a better chance of reaching the first page of search.

Our Work Doesn’t End There

Bird’s Eye Marketing actively works on other important SEO factors for you as well:

Link Building

We’ll actively seek out reputable websites, and help you get those sites to link to your site.

Website Structure

Using website monitoring tools, such as Google Analytics, we’ll look at how people are navigating your website and what is driving—or hurting—conversion rates, and identify what adjustments may be necessary.

Building “Your Authority”

We’ll devise a content strategy that works best with your time and budget.


SEO services are included with any Turnkey AdWords Management Service.