Show up When It Matters – The Moment of Search


It’s important for buyers to see your business during the “moment of search”

The “moment of search” is a time when your buyer is cares enough to ask Google for solutions:  To “Google” their problem.

Moment of Search:  The Positive Change in Buyer Behavior

The “moment of search” demonstrates a major buyer attitude shift from being passive to being active about solving a problem.  There’s been a shift from “want” to “need” and it’s a time when buyers will scour Google listings looking for solutions.

The moment of Search is the best time to be seen because your buyer is actively looking for what solution you offer to help them.

Buyers are targeting sellers

Basic marketing teaches us to target the “right” buyer who meets demographic criteria and try to reach them with advertisements.

But selling is easier when the buyer targets you!  After finding you on Google they are motivated to buy, to contact you and discuss their situation.  It’s much easier and faster to sell to this self motivated buyer.

Before the Moment of Search

Prior their “moment of search” buyers might have been passively looking, but unwilling to invest much of their time.  They lack motivation to buy now. Your advertising needs to persuade them their need is now!

You have a two step sales process before the moment of search:

  1. Persuade them they have a need now…. Keyword is “now”.
  2. Persuade them they should buy from you

Catching buyers in their “moment of search” bypasses the difficult (and expensive) step one of persuading them their need is “now”, not later.

Show up on Google in the Moment of Search

No matter how much advertising and persuasion you do before the buyer’s “moment of search” they buyer will probably do a Google search.  That is their “moment of search” when they are most likely to reach out and make contact, that’s why showing up on Google is so important.

Get Buyer’s targeting you

Pay per click advertising (PPC) is advertising that requires you to pay only when someone clicks your advertisement and goes to your website.  Ads are triggered by keywords people put in Google during their “moment of search”.