Marketing Performance Tracker

Marketing Performance Tracking

Quantifying marketing—such as social media, SEO and online advertising—is much easier with free software tools like Google Analytics. But just because you have Google Analytics doesn’t mean it’s capturing answers like:

  • How many sales each did the advertising bring the company?
  • How many sales are coming from my SEO, social media, email blasts, etc.?
  • How many email signups ae we getting?

Answer Performance Questions With Customized Tracking

Out of the box, Google Analytics tracks general website statistics about page views, traffic sources, etc.; but the data is good not enough data to use when making imperative decisions about your online marketing.

Web Tracking Setup

Bird’s Eye Marketing will configure your Google Analytics to capture data about important events on your website, such as:

  • When a sale is made (Ecommerce sites);
  • When a sales lead is received (non-Ecommerce sites);
  • How people engage with your site (download files, watch videos, etc.);
  • What people search for on your website;
  • Filter out website traffic from employees, so you only have ‘true customer’ data; and
  • Any kind of registration, such as email list subscribes, seminars, etc.

Testimonial Head head shot - CATSANatasha Antoine

Web Editor at Canadian Air Transportation Authority (CATSA)

“We needed to quantify our website activities beyond page views and hits.

Because of David’s work, today we are tracking important website clicks so we can make strategic decisions based on data we trust. If you are thinking of website tracking for your marketing and communications, I highly recommend talking to David.”

Even Easier with a Dashboard

Bird’s Eye Marketing’s AdWords customers receive a dashboard <link to page> showing website performance, including advertising and marketing performance.


Included with Google AdWords Management

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