Higher Quality Less Expensive Leads

Digital Marketing Case Study: Online leads seem really expensive and low quality.  How do we change this?

The CEO of a small software company gave me a challenge: get better quality leads for less than half the previous years’ budget.

Since I had tracking and measurement in place I quickly identified what messages and activities worked best – “How to” instructional blogs and social media tips and tricks were getting us short listed more than anything else.

So I packaged several “how to’s” into a series of YouTube videos that demonstrated our subject matter expertise.  These videos replaced a lot of our “salesy” type advertising which saved a lot of money while bringing more SEO traffic and leads.

The result: We actually generated fewer sales leads than the previous year, but generated 35% more revenue than the previous year while spending less than 40% of the previous year’s budget.

Testimonial: We’re always trying to do more with less. We we’re amazed by the results of David’s message testing and the impact of the sometimes simple changes he made. He truly found a way to better connect with our target market. And that’s helped us immensely.