Better Leads Without Expensive Cold Calling

Digital Marketing Case Study:  How can we find better less expensive lead generation than cold calling?

A software development firm’s revenues were flat, despite their sales team’s diligent efforts at cold calling to generate more leads. The problem was all that cold calling was cutting into their efforts to close deals. Prospects were languishing in the pipeline. This company needed a more efficient and effective way to generate new leads that freed up their sales people to sell.

I offered them an Internet-based lead generation strategy that engaged prospects through SEO, social media, advertising and other tactics.

I started by examining their website data, and helped them create targeted SEO friendly content to increase their Google rankings. Then, I suggested a series of free webinars that would showcase the company’s deep technical knowledge. Finally, we promoted their expertise and free webinars through online advertising and social media.

The results: a 40% increase in website traffic that converted into 15% more leads. And now, their sales people can focus their time closing deals.

Testimonial: David Bird helped us get the leads we needed without the time, effort and expense of cold calling. And the free webinars we offer have really raised our profile in the market.