Turnkey AdWords Management

If you want to quick results while saving time and money, this AdWords Management service is for you.

Comprehensive AdWords Management

This includes all the day to day activities that go with AdWords:

  • Keyword research — Target the right words
  • Competitive analysis — Know your competitors and understand their PPC strategies
  • Campaign set-up — Spend your ad budget efficiently and cost effectively
  • Ad copy development and testing — Know your ads are resonating with your prospects
  • Ad extension setup — Give your prospects more reasons to click
  • Enhance SEO — Quickly apply lessons learned to SEO and other marketing.
  • Testing of ads and keywords
  • Removal of under performing ads and keywords
  • Bid adjustments
  • Account optimization
  • Monthly report on progress, conversions, etc.
  • Manage your accounts on a monthly basis, staying within a daily budget.

Website Tracking with Google Analytics

Customize your Google Analytics  to capture important comparative traffic source data

Accountability Through Monthly and Ad-hoc Reporting

Learn how your AdWords are impacting sales, and how they are performing against other website channels, like SEO, social media, etc., with monthly or ad-hoc dashboard reporting .


  • Fixed monthly fee; six month minimum.