One-on-One AdWords Training for Do it Yourselfers

geralt / Pixabay

It’s like having a tutor; we’ll have weekly (or bi weekly) phone / video calls to look at your account. In addition, you can always call / email with ad-hoc questions. Initially, I am heavily involved in the day-to-day account management. But as your knowledge grows, my involvement begins to decline.

“I manage my own AdWords Account because of David’s training and coaching. He made me do a lot of reading to understand basic AdWords, and then in our calls, I was applying my new found knowledge. With David ‘supervising’ my account changes, it took no time before I was confident enough to do everything myself.”

Josh Zvonar; Owner; Thrive Homecare

Phase 1:  Basic Training, & Account Set up

We both have work to do:

What I Do: I will set up and optimize your Google AdWords account, and get it converting and working in sync with your website. During this period, we get the ‘kinks’ out and find your niche within AdWords.  We’ll be talking at least once a week.

What you do: While I’m getting the account running smoothly, you will be taking either the free Google AdWords training offered by Google, or training provided by a certified third party. If you have already done this, we may be able to go straight to Phase 2.

What we do together: Meet on phone / video calls where you see your training being applied and take on some hands-on assignments.

Phase 2:  Applying your knowledge and taking control

With your formal Google AdWords training complete, you will begin performing maintenance tasks within your account. I will be checking your work, and will be close by to answer any questions. As your confidence increases, I evolve into a mentor and coach.

Fees:  Monthly fixed