AdWords Audit: Get Your AdWords Back on Track

wpaczocha / Pixabay

Sometimes, despite all your hard work and proper investments, AdWords may not perform as expected.  You may be wondering what’s wrong, or what else you can do. It can be frustrating to feel like you need to know what you don’t know.

This may be a good time for an AdWords Audit, when an independent 3rd party to examine your AdWords account.

A Deep Dive into Your AdWords Account & Beyond

I’ll look at everything in your AdWords account, including:

  • Bidding strategies;
  • Ad copy and keyword usage;
  • Links to other Google Products;
  • Budget and spending assessment;
  • Account setup;
  • Landing page assessment; and
  • Much more.

I will also look at your Google Analytics account and compare other website traffic sources.

Full Report and Advice to Put Your AdWords Back on Track

When I’m done, we’ll meet and discuss the findings. You’ll come away with suggestions, ideas and direction how to get your AdWords back on track.