Google Ads Keyword Training

Everything you wanted to know about Google Ads Keywords

Keywords are vital to your Google Ads campaigns. There are nine information packed videos covering everything you need to know about keywords:

  • How using match types sharpens your targeting and saves money
  • Demos how to add keywords and apply negative keywords
  • Where to find keywords includes demos of important tools
  • Search terms report – among the most valuable in Google Ads.

When you are finished you will be able to masterfully apply keywords to cost effectively target the right prospects while staying within your budget.

Google Ads Keywords

Keyword Match Types

Google shows ads by matching the user’s search term to available ads. How tightly or loosely Google matches the search term depends on the keyword match type you select.

In this video you will learn how match types qualify who sees your ads and how proper match type application improves targeting and prevents irrelevant costly clicks.

Breaking Down the Subtleties of Keyword Match Types

This video breaks through the subtle differences between Google Ads keyword match types. Through new examples you will learn how and why each match type includes or excludes search terms based on Google’s subtle application of the keyword match type rules.
Keyword Match Type Syntax
Syntax Matters: This video shows you the important syntax needed to apply your keyword match type. Using these instructions ensures Google applies your match type.

Keyword Research (Where to find keyword ideas)

In this video we’ll look at a few resources to help you find keyword ideas. You know more than you think!
Demonstration: How to add new keywords
This demonstration shows you how to add new keywords after your campaign has started.

Google Ads Keyword Planner Demonstration

The Google Ads Keyword Planner is a keyword discovery tool. In addition to new ideas, the Planner shows you forecasts and cost per click estimates. This demo video shows you how to use it!
Google Ads Negative Keywords
So far, we have talked about the keyword match types that trigger ads to show. But what about the keywords you don’t want your ads to show. Time to learn how to stop your ads from showing with Google Ads negative keywords and their match types.

Demonstration: How to add Google Ads Negative Keywords

This demo shows how to navigate to Google Ads negative keywords and then how add them to your campaigns!

Stay tuned for more modules.

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