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Google Analytics and Google Ads- Seminar

Date: 04/04
Time: 10:00 am - 11:30 am
Location: Small Business Advisory Centre

Your website tells a powerful story about your business. Google Analytics is key to unlocking that story, but you need to ask the right questions.

This seminar will outline the most common mistakes business owners make with their Google Analytics, and how to avoid them.

We’ll start with installing Google Analytics and explain installation methods that simply your life. Then, we’ll move into common errors and how to stop making them.

By the end of this seminar you will know:

  • Which reports help you the most;
  • Which performance indicators matter; and
  • How to track online campaigns in social media, email, and more.

This is a beginner level seminar that will include a live how-to demonstration.

Bring your questions, and be ready to have some fun!

After the seminar, you will be able to hear your website’s compelling story about your business and customers. From there, you will be making strategic decisions for your business that will make your story even better.

Register for this seminar at The Small Business Advisory Centre.

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