Conversion Tracking 

Find Out If Your Ads Are Working

Conversion tracking identifies what sales channels are helping you meet your business goals, and what can be improved.

Is Your Advertising Working?

Find out with Conversion Tracking

The only way to know for sure is through conversion tracking.

Conversion tracking translates advertising data into plain the English of quantitative results—sales dollars, number of leads, costs, and profitability.

What is a Conversion? A conversion is when a visitor completes an action on a website, such as making a purchase, completing a form, etc.

Conversion Tracking | Bird's Eye Marketing
Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking by traffic source

Your website gets traffic from many sources. Conversion tracking tells you which sources are most likely to bring the most desirable website actions.

Measuring traffic from all sources enables a data-driven approach to investing your time and money to Google Ads and other traffic sources. Bird’s Eye Marketing can quickly fix underperforming channels and enhance high-performing channels.

Rated Our ‘Most Valuable Service’

Most of our clients feel conversion tracking is the most valuable service we provide, because it offers an at-a-glance comparison of all website traffic sources, including SEO, Ads, Social Media, email, etc.

What’s Included In Conversion Tracking:

Google Analytics Installation / Review

Google Analytics Installation

Google Analytics is the backbone of conversion tracking. It is web tracking software that tells you where website visitors came from (even by marketing source), what pages they visited; which buttons on your site they clicked on, and a whole lot more.   

Google Analytics is free, and if your website was created by a professional developer, they very likely loaded it onto your site for you.

Setting and Analyzing Goals in Google Analytics

Setting and Analyzing Goals in Google Analytics

With conversion tracking Google Analytics organizes your data around your business’ key performance indicators, like revenue, sales leads, cost, and even micro-conversions, like email signups.

This is what lets us compare our marketing programs like SEO, Social Media, AdWords and so on.

Google Tag Manager Installation & Configuration

Google Tag Manager Installation

Every day, people are taking ‘invisible’—but important—actions on your website. 

These actions include clicking your email address, completing a contact form, signing up for your email listwatching a video, and more.

To track those clicks, Bird’s Eye Marketing uses a free product called Google Tag Manager. This ensures the data is sent to Google Analytics, making these vital clicks visible to you. When you can track these clicks, you can create a solid online marketing strategy.

Link Google Products Together to Prevent ‘Performance Silos’

Linking Google Products Together

In business terms, a silo refers to a group or organization that does not want to share data with individuals in the same organization.

When it comes to meeting your marketing objectives, communication is key—even when the ‘individuals’ involved are tracking services. 

Bird’s Eye Marketing will link all your Google products—AdWords, Search Console, Google My Business, etc.—to prevent performance silos and provide you with the big picture of your website’s online marketing results. 

Monthly Performance Dashboard

Once a month, we will review your performance dashboard to ensure your strategy is on track with your business objectives.

See What Our Customers Are Saying:

Andrew Haugh, Director, Digital Marketing, World Vision Canada

David has helped us revamp our Google Ads program. Initially, we asked him to provide an audit which helped us confirm what was working well and identified significant opportunities. Following the audit David helped us to build a more constructive collaborate approach the program and has helped key stakeholders change our approach to be more strategic and customer-centric. David is a great communicator, coach and encourager who has helped us see small wins and the big picture. He’s been a pleasure to work with.

Andrew Haugh, Director, Digital Marketing
Marcia Lea

As business, I wanted to expand the school’s clientele. David was highly recommended to me and I am proud of my decision, because as early as one week later I was getting calls from new clients. It has been three months since I started to work with David and I can say that fully one-third of my business can be traced directly back to his work. Impressive!

Marcia Lea, Owner
Davis Art School
Frank Nieuwkoop

For more than a year David’s been getting us lots of leads through Google AdWords advertising. He nicely balances our budget with our lead generation needs. I also really like how David looks out for our whole website and all our other online channels. He comes to meetings with practical ideas that are grounded in our data.

For example, a few months ago he noticed SEO challenges and connected us to the help we needed to fix it. And just a few weeks ago he spotted and helped us implement social media and email opportunities to get more leads.

David is like a watchdog on our website, attacking challenges and identifying new opportunities and helping us take advantage of them. This gives me peace of mind knowing that our online channels are being well cared for. I would recommend David to any business who want results and is part of your team.

Frank Nieuwkoop, Director of Sales & Marketing
Valecraft Homes
Angela Boelsma

One of our portfolio companies recommended David to manage AdWords for one of Colonnade BridgePort’s managed properties – I am glad they did. David really listened to our needs and requirements and then provided practical, sensible, jargon-free recommendations for AdWords, optimizing the property’s website, and associated tracking. He me gave sufficient detail and thoroughly answered all my questions. With all the other tasks I have to do, I was glad I could trust David to take care of our AdWords campaigns and advise me when changes were needed. I would hire David again to manage our AdWords account.

Angela Boelsma, Marketing Coordinator
Colonnade Investments
Dylan Bordonaro

David Bird and his Company Bird’s Eye Marketing has helped my pediatric dental office immensely. David has the knowledge to increase my patient numbers in short term and long term strategies. After one month of his services, we saw a large percentage increase in patients coming from Google. He also provides monthly reports and a monthly phone review. I’ve already recommended him to my colleagues because I’ve appreciated his services so much!

Dylan Bordonaro, Pediatric Dentist, Thornton Colorado

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