03 Jan

Remarketing: Those Ads That Follow You Around The Web

How Remarketing Can Work for Your Business

We’re all used to seeing ads online, but do you ever feel like a particular ad is chasing you? You visit a site, and then it seems everywhere you go online, you’re seeing ads for that site.

Well you are, and it’s because the site owner is using an extremely effective and inexpensive marketing technique called ‘remarketing’.

How Remarketing Works

When you visit a website for a business that uses remarketing, the site will drop a ‘cookie’ (small piece of code) into your browser. As you travel around the web, that code is matched

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14 Nov

The Clicks Google Analytics Does Not Report

...And How to Fix It.

Google Analytics does not report all clicks... unless you "tell it to".  Google Analytics is built to track website page changes, meaning when a visitor goes from one page on your site to another.

But what happens when a visitor watches a video, or downloads a PDF, or even fills out some forms? The page doesn’t change; therefore Google Analytics doesn’t see it. And what Google Analytics doesn’t see, you don’t see in your data reports.

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30 Sep

WordCamp Toronto 2017 Google Analytics Presentation

WordCamp Toronto Speaker Badge

Thank you for coming to the Google Analytics seminar at WordCamp Toronto.  This page provides a downloadable copy of the presentation, written instructions for setting up your goals and some how to videos.

Get Your Copy of the Presentation

Click the image below and download the PDF presentation.

Call / Email if you need help setting up goals



12 Sep

How to get free advertising on Google (My Business)

That’s right. Advertise your business on Google — for FREE!

It’s called Google My Business, and it works because it puts your business on the map. The Google Map, that is.

Google My Business allows you to manage your business presence across Google, especially on Search and Maps. Here are some of the things it can do for you:

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