A company hired me after they blew the entire marketing budget and had less than 20 leads to show for it. The CEO asked me what was wrong. When I replied that the website content and marketing message needed alignment asked “what’s that have to do with lead generation?” Here’s how I showed him the importance of alignment.

The website analytics clearly showed a spike in website visitors following each lead generation campaign. In fact, the traffic spikes so closely mirrored lead generation activities I was able to tell the CEO when they exhibited at tradeshows, ran an advertisement, sent an email blast, used social media, and just about any other lead generation activity.

Lead generation campaigns brought more website traffic

It was clear that each lead generation campaign was causing a spike in website traffic, but the company’s website was sabotaging the efforts. The website message was a couple of years old and the message had not been updated to reflect the new market and buyer needs.

Website analytics lead to fact based decisions

The web analytics validated that the website message was not aligned with the messages being delivered in lead generation activities like advertising and email blasts. Using the web analytics it was easy to make fact based decisions on new content and navigation for the website.

On the other hand, if we did not have web analytics we might have proceeded with my “guess” that the problem was message alignment. But what if that was not the problem? What if it was something far deeper…. How would anyone know?

Ensure message alignment

Most of your lead generation activities will send people to your website (even if that’s not what you want them to do – they will just google your company name), where they will determine if your content helps them. Need proof: look at your website analytics after executing your lead generation activities.

Many businesses follow a “set and forget” approach to their website – that is the website rarely updated. Meanwhile they constantly evolve their marketing activity messages. It’s an easy thing to do when we are really busy.

Message alignment – it’s a team sport

Website data such as keywords, page abandons, and more can demonstrate which messages are working and which ones are collecting digital dust. The good keywords can be applied to lead generation efforts. Likewise the successful marketing campaigns can be great tests for potential new website messaging.

What’s your experience with the alignment of lead generation programs and the message message on your website?

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