21 Dec

Stretching webinar content into multiple videos

Curating new and original content is time consuming so many start-ups and small businesses struggle with it.  This is the story of how one small business client leveraged a single webinar into three short stand alone videos and three whitepapers.

The results were very good too:

  • 250 new contacts for nurturing
  • 20 qualified sales leads
  • 6 closed sales, $250,000.

Here’s how we did it:

Our webinar featured two prestigious industry thought leaders speaking from different cities about overcoming industry challenges.  We always planned to record the webinar using the webinar provider’s standard recording feature and then post the recording to YouTube.

However, after the speakers submitted their presentations for review, we recognized the opportunity to create shorter standalone videos from the webinar footage.  Creating these excerpts was made possible by coaching the speakers and getting some advice from a video production house.

Coaching the speakers

However, we had to work them adjusting their presentations to make forward / backward referencing statements like “I talked about that a few minutes ago,” or, I’ll talk about that in a few minutes”.  These statements would have been out of context in the shorter videos.

Good quality equipment and editing made a difference

Our video editing company told us the best quality videos require separate recordings of voice and PowerPoint charts, they synchronize them during editing.  Both speakers were asked to use very high quality microphones and shown how to record and store their voice presentations on their computers.

The total cost of editing was just over $100, pretty inexpensive considering the $250,000 revenue generated.

Whitepapers – always great reference content

Investing another $100 transcribing the webinar gave us the basis for three whitepapers as well.  There was a fair amount of editing the transcription, but that was certainly less expensive and faster than writing the papers from scratch.

Summary of the steps to multiplying webinar content

  • Record each voice separately from their slides
  • Have the speaker store the recording on their hard drive.
  • Identify to the speakers the exact starting and ending points for each excerpt.  They will know not to use forward / backward referencing statements in these sections.
  • Transcribe the webinar so it can become the basis of whitepapers or reference documents.

How about you?

What ideas do you have to stretch your next webinar into multiple content pieces?