PPC Audit

If you have an AdWords Account that’s not meeting expectations a PPC Audit might find the issues.  At a minimum it’s a second opinion provides a new perspective that gets the account moving again.

The Audit includes:

  • Checkup on links to other products
  • Conversion connection
  • Budget and spend assessment
  • Account setup
  • Keyword usage
  • Ad copy
  • Landing page assessment

Following the audit, you there will be a phone call / web meeting to review findings, offer optimization suggestions.

How the PPC Audit works

It begins with a business strategy discussion where we talk about your marketing and what you think is going on.

You will need to give me access to your Google Analytics account, Google AdWords account, and possibly your Google Search Console account so I can check the connections.

This is when the deep dive begins into your AdWords account – I’ll look at everything and provide a list of findings and fixes.  Alternatively, With your permission basic adjustments will be made to your account.

Fees:  One time payment.