What Advertising Works Best?

Digital Marketing Case Study: Discovering What Advertising Works Best

After spending thousands of advertising dollars on Google, Facebook, and local websites this home builder wanted to know from where the most leads were coming from.

The customer used their (Google) web analytics and assumed that the advertiser bringing the most traffic also brought the most leads.  That was an expensive assumption because the number of sales leads declined as they spent more money on high traffic advertisers.

This is an easy mistake to make.  It is also very preventable.  After my work was done, they realized high traffic does not necessarily mean a lot of leads.

I was contracted to set up a tracking system that informed the customer exactly how many leads each advertiser was generating.  In effect tell them “what advertising worked best”.  Here’s a summary of what I did:

  • Dashboard that flags good / poor performance of each advertiser

Dashboard sample

  • Set up goals in Google Analytics so the data would be organized around lead generation
  • Tagged” both their website lead forms and advertising links so web analytics could track performance. A “tag” is added information in links that give data storage instructions to web (Google) analytics.
  • Trained marketing staff how to use the dashboard to identify anomalies and where to look in Google Analytics for the details.

The new tracking system immediately saved more than $3,000 per month flagging expensive low producing advertisements!  In addition they have been able to measure the impact of their advertising agency’s work and focus them more on generating sales leads.

Today the customer has an objective process to test new advertisers and make advertising and the agencies they work with accountable for results.