Shorter Sales Cycle

Digital Marketing Case Study:  How can we get better quality sales leads so our sales cycle is shorter?

When I started working as the Healthcare Product Marketing Manager at Halogen Software, most of the healthcare leads generated through their web marketing programs weren’t translating into sales or they took years to do so. Traditional web marketing tactics — SEO optimization, PPC ads, email campaigns and banner advertising — just weren’t yielding the needed results.

Things changed after we met an expert consultant with innovative solutions to a critical industry challenge at a tradeshow. My solution was to partner with this healthcare thought-leader; she was someone that medical professionals wanted to learn from. I worked out an unpaid agreement to have her give free webinars on a variety of pressing challenges in the nursing field. In exchange, we promoted the webinars throughout the North American healthcare community, raising both her and Halogen’s profile.

These webinars had an educational focus and didn’t contain any type of product sales pitch. They simply presented a solution to a common challenge. We then followed up with an email campaign, offering a free product trial that allowed people to see how Halogen Software’s products supported the best-practices presented in the webinar.

This thought-leadership program generated over 1,600 qualified sales leads and well over $2,000,000 in revenue. And on top of that, the sales closed faster and without significant

competition. Because we were using education to solve problems, we won trust before the competition did.

Testimonial: These thought-leadership webinars became a key tool in our lead-generation arsenal. And our relationship with this expert has been mutually beneficial.