Digital Marketing: A Company’s Perception versus Reality

Digital Marketing Case Study:  Our Marketing Seems to have stalled. How do we get to the next level?

A conference management company came to me with this question shortly before the beginning of their new conference season. They were worried they’d fallen into a rut with their marketing and were missing opportunities.

Rather than jump in right away with a raft of suggestions for new marketing programs, I first took the time to closely examine their web analytics. I wanted to see what impact their current web marketing tactics were having.

What I discovered was that their current programs were actually performing very well. Armed with this data, I spoke to company executives about the strategies and tactics being deployed. They didn’t really need massive change, just a few tweaks.

I suggested some additional packages they could offer conference sponsors and some new social media advertising they could test. But essentially we steered the same course as was used in previous campaigns.

The result: They met their revenue growth objectives and hosted successful conferences.

Testimonial: We’re so thankful to David for helping us see that what we were doing was actually effective. We saved time by not reinventing the wheel. We just added a bit to our existing strategies and got the results we wanted.