Removing Marketing Overwhelm

How can we make better use of Internet marketing technology without feeling overwhelmed?

Intuitively, this Microsoft Gold Partner knew they had to make better use of the Internet and social media for their marketing programs. They were taking steps, but feeling overwhelmed by the number of sites, tools and initiatives they had on the go. And they weren’t sure if they were being effective.

They hired me to work with them a few hours a week over a period of seven months to build a strategy and develop tactics to grow their web presence. Key to this was teaching their staff to see how SEO, social media, advertising and their marketing programs could and should work together, and how to do that effectively.

I developed a simple, easy to use tracking system for them, so they could quickly identify which activities were generating the most leads and know where to focus their efforts.

The results: coaching, mentoring and an effective tracking system helped them become self-sufficient in developing content and promotions that generated more leads and higher customer engagement.

Testimonial: It’s great to know where to focus our time and efforts and to be able to evaluate all our web marketing initiatives. We’re so much more efficient and effective now.