David’s Journey to Entrepreneur

I’m a marketing consultant. I specialize in helping companies get found on Google.

You know when people need something they usually search on Google and get a bunch of different listings they can click on?  I help businesses get their listing to the top of those listing pages with advertisements and making it easier for Google to find their website. More people can find the business so they get more clicks, more people on their website and more business.

Becoming an Entrepreneur

I grew up hating math and numbers. But the ability to track marketing results with data is so compelling I decided to build a business around it.  It kind of happened by accident:

In school, I preferred English and History because I could use words to capture an idea and persuade others of your point of view. Numbers were dull and boring (or so I thought), and all through school and university I did my best to avoid them.

All that changed in 2007 when I went to work for Tom, a tough-guy VP of Sales and Marketing.

Unlike me, Tom LOVED numbers. In fact, all Tom cared about was numbers. That’s how he made decisions and that’s how he allocated project funding. It didn’t take me long to realize that if I was going to get anywhere working for Tom, I better start liking numbers too.

So off I went to our company webmaster. He toured me through our website data and showed me how to find customer behavior information being generated everyday through our website.

Web data wasn’t sexy, but I instantly saw how powerful it could be when combined with a good idea. Soon I was regularly using that boring web data to spot new opportunities which were generating a ton of new sales leads!

It wasn’t long before now-not-so-tough VP Tom started assigning me to our team’s most challenging projects, sending me for more training…and promoting me.

By 2014, data had become such an integral part of my everyday marketing approach that I decided to launch a business of my own. While other marketers tend to rely on intuition and mere hunches, I use data to take the guesswork out of my clients’ marketing plans. Those old numbers aren’t so boring when they can help create compelling marketing campaigns and provide my clients with the reassurance they need to keep their marketing on track.